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Elements of Sheet Metal Work
« on: October 05, 2008, 07:02:31 AM »

Elements of Sheet Metal Work
by R L Welch
Bruce Publishing
Fourth printing 1935


If you look at the top edge of the book's picture you might notice the two notches taken out of the book by a student at some point in the past life of this book.

Another filled with detail step by step drawing for forming the curbs and bars used in architectural work with each of the bends numbered in order of doing them. in using a cornice brake or more commonly called a trim brake now a days.

It is one of those books that is the facts,just the facts. From the start of it:

    * The Sheet Metal Shop tools,supplies and materials for drafting patterns and metal
    * Riveting and soldering problems, from pipe and duct work to tin biscuit cutters
    * Radial development
    * Rectangular work
    * Triangulation
    * Gutters,Moldings, Cornices and sky lights
    * Forming curbs and Bars
    * Heating and ventilating problems
    * Architectural Problems
    * Miscellaneous Problems

When the sheet metal texts are referring to problems, they are referring to projects or example exercises. Not problems as in difficulties.
B&W photos and line drawings of the items and procedures,along with drawing of all the wonderful hand cranked beaders, crimpers, fluters and other seamers.
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