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Sheet Metal Shop Practice early edition 1951
« on: October 06, 2008, 06:13:21 AM »

Sheet Metal Shop Practice
by Leroy F Bruce
American Technical Society
8th printing 1963


This is the forerunner of the book from two posts ago.
Opportunities unlimited
Sheet metal working tools and machinery
Safety in the sheet metal shop
Sheet metals and their characteristics
Using patterns and cutting metal projects
Punching,drilling.and riveting projects
Folding edges and making seams projects
Forming,crimping, beading and grooving projects.
Turning,burring and raising
Soldering projects
Notching,clipping and wiring
Basic Principles of Pattern development
Parallel line development
Radial line development
Short Method of pattern development

It was before the revised edition came out in 1965. It has most of the important stuff but the welding chapter is just the very basics of welding with carbon arc and other 50's tech.

It has the same quality line drawings , and B&W photos.
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