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How to Sharpen Anything
« on: October 08, 2008, 06:28:26 AM »

How to Sharpen Anything
by Don Geary
Tab books--#1463
trade paperback


This is one of those books on a subject that can be touchy, most shop rats. Will tell you that they can sharpen most anything. Even sometimes if you don't ask!

Till I read this book I didn't realize how much I didn't know about sharpening tools around the home. What you think you know, and what you know, after reading some thing on a subject can be amazing.

He starts out with sharpening tools. What types and items you need to sharpen items around the house. Whether it be scissors,metal or tin snips to powered lawn and garden equipment.

Then onto knives as we have increased members that are into making them from scratch, or wanting to try it might be on help.

Hand woodworking tools handsaws,shaping tools,chisels,planes, auger bits.

Power wood working tools, saw blades,shaping tools, boring tools.

Hand garden tools, a general section on care of the hand garden tools. axe's,hedge sears,hoe,lopers,machete,pick,sickle,rakes and pruning saws.

Power lawn and garden tools. regular maintenance and storage of the tools. Lawn mower blades reel and rotary,powered hedge clippers and tiller tines.

Chains saws and all the things to consider when doing them.

Miscellaneous sharpening Allen wrenches, box wrenches,can openers,cold chisels, crowbars, fishhooks, ice picks,ice skates, scissors,screwdrivers,spatulas, taps and dies, tin snips and wire cutters.

B&W photo's through out the book, along with drawings and charts. I didn't know about the number of styles of axe head shapes, and something as simple as the corners being rounded rather than a sharp 90'
can change the name of the axe.
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