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Basic Sheet Metal Practice
« on: October 07, 2008, 07:12:20 AM »
Basic Sheet Metal Practice
by J W Giachino
Laurel Publishers
LCCC# 52-6655


The title of this one is very descriptive of the contents. Being a starter text on sheet metal practice. From the metals used in sheet metal work, measuring the thickness correctly, lay out of patterns,cutting of sheet metal, with hand snips, squaring shear, to cold chisel( which I never seemed to master correctly, the metal always came out looking beat up.)

Cutting on a ring or circular shear, filing metal, a good chapter with pictures of all the common sheet metal stakes and their uses. Bending by hand with out a folder or brake.

Soldering coppers(irons),solders and fluxes, how to solder sheet metal.
lap seams, double and single hems.

Drilling holes in sheet metal,punching holes,riveting.

Making a wired edge,burring an edge,flanging,single seams,double seams,dovetail seam,grooved seam,How to bead and crimp.

How to raise metal,laying out intersections,practice exercises for some work experience of manipulating metal and the work procedures. A bunch of 1950's style projects.

Filled with the drawings, B&W photo's and charts found in the text books of the time. This is another one that would be a good stand alone book if you were only going to have one to keep in the shop.
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