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The Painter's Handbook
« on: October 09, 2008, 06:39:35 AM »
The Painter's Handbook
by Mark David Gottsegen
Waston-Guptill Publications
Trade paperback


Mainly for the painting artist, it is interesting and very good for any body that wants to under stand paint and how it works,(drying), what goes into it, and how to make your own.

It also has a great down to earth section with tables of hazardous pigments. And everything you wanted to know about them. It does talk about the tendency of some to get carried away about the the dangers of certain pigments and liquids.

If used with the general common sense precautions that we use today. One shouldn't have any problem. If one would have told me 40 years ago I would be wearing latex gloves working on cars doing oil changes, I would have laughed at the them. Well times changes and our thinking moves forward with the times.

It is a complete reference work on sizes and grounds,binders, pigments, solvents and thinners,varnishes and general paint making procedures for the artist.

So if any one, is interested in playing with adding pigment to clears, or developing their own stains and coloring varnishes.

Filled with drawings, charts,tables and copies of labels AP Nontoxic, CP Nontoxic,
and the square health label tag, Not exactly what one would assume it means. But these manufactures are tricky little devils. What the label means is IT CONTAINS Hazardous material and they certify appropriate cautionary labeling is contained on the label for the consumer. It goes over all the bending and back flipping they (The people in charge,tend to do that are supposed to keep use safe.) do in writing the labeling to maximize sales.

It also contains more information on painting on supports such as oil painting,pastels, water thinned,synthetics,temperas and others. Plus conservation and restoration.
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