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General Metal
« on: October 10, 2008, 06:22:58 AM »
General Metal
2nd ed
hard cover


Both of the authors, of this book worked at my place of employment.And one was the principal of a school I worked at just before I got there.There the disclaimers out of the way.LOL!

This is one of those transitional books from the time they actually taught you everything in shop classes including things that could maim and kill students. Those were good times you learned stuff that could propel you into a career. Or a life long hobby, once you had some means of supporting one.

    * Metals their properties and uses
    * Planning, they sneak in safety under the heading of planning work and the projects
    * Measuring and layout tools
    * Cutting and filing
    * Taps and dies
    * Tooling,forming and raising sheet metal
    * Folding, and joining sheet metal
    * Decorating. polishing and finishing, in additions to polishing materials and equipment. It covers enameling on copper,etching,hammer marking,chasing tools, matting tools, fluting tools,dapping punches and dies,and metal finishing
    * Metal spinning, the lathe, tools, chucks,metals adaptable to spinning,polishing spun metals, rolling a bead.
    * Ornamental Iron work,designing the scroll,Bending tools and their uses, fastening and decorating
    * Heat treating, equipment,annealing,hardening, tempering, case hardening
    * making castings from the patterns, tools to make molds,melting of non ferrous metal one and two piece molds, to pouring and cleaning of the casting
    * Power tools
    * Projects and index

It is filled with line drawings, charts,tables and B&W photo's or the tools equipment procedures and processes. Used through out metal working.
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