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Machining Fundamentals
« on: October 12, 2008, 06:57:35 AM »
Machining Fundamentals
by John R Waker
copyright 1969
Hard cover


Another oldie but goodie, that is still available today in an updated edition.
It is filled with B&W photo's of the equipment, product and operations of machining.

Starts with machine shop occupations, understanding drawings,shop safety, measurement,layout work, hand tools,drills and drilling machines,offhand grinding,and sawing and cut off machines.

The lathe, planning machines,milling machines precision grinding, band machining (band saw, abrasive band machines and other continuous belt machining work).

Quality control, automation, fasteners, metal characteristics,heat treatment of metals,metal finishing,machining plastics,High energy rate forming (explosive forming into a die with water and explosive)

Chipless machining (cold forming),electro-machining,chemical machining, laser in metalworking, ultrasonic machining, electron beam machining, powder metallurgy, (sintering) Cryogenic applications, Jigs and fixtures, Hydraulic power transmission,

And finishes up with glossary of terms, useful tables and index.
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