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Machine Tool Metalworking
« on: October 13, 2008, 06:44:35 AM »
Machine Tool Metalworking
principles and practice
by John L Ferirer


As with most books dealing in shop working and matters, this one starts with an introduction to the machine shop.

It is divided into 11 sections, which in turn are divided into chapters on the subjects they are covering under that heading.

It is filled with clear, crisp B&W photo's,line drawings and drawings in multi color for clearer understanding of the process or procedure. Along with charts and tables of information.

Introduction to the machine shop, includes safety,tools and equipment. Eight chapters in all on the basics, ending with discussion topics and problems.
Measuring and gaging
Band maching
Drilling machines
Engine Lathe
Milling machine
Grinders and abrasive machining
Related machining procedures,CNC and electrical discharge machining,and Careers in the machine shop.
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