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Shop Theory
« on: October 15, 2008, 06:21:30 AM »
Shop Theory
5th edition
by James Anderson,Earl E Tatro
Copyright 1968
Hard cover


An older and updated numerous times book. It is filled with the line drawings,charts and tables along with B&W photo's. It does start out on a sobering note with the first sentence in the book "An accident in a machine shop can be a messy and painful experience." In to days world that just seems like a given!
Safety in the Machine shop
Small Tools
Measuring& Gaging Processes
Drills & Drilling Processes
Single Point Cutting Tools
Engine Lathe Processes
Turret Lathes
Screw Thread Processes
Milling Machine Processes
The Shaping Machine & Shaper Processes
The Planer & Planing Processes
Gears & Gearing Processes
Grinding Wheels & Abrasive Machining
Grinding Machine Processes
Heat Treatment & Testing of Materials
Surface finish & Measurement
Band machining
Fundamentals of Numerical Control
Appendix, Supplementary References, Index
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