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How to run a Lathe
« on: October 16, 2008, 06:21:55 AM »
How to run a Lathe
South Bend Lathe
Small Format Paperback
41st edition
by JJ O'Brien & MW O'Brien

How to run a Lathe
South Bend Lathe
Small Format Paperback
56th edition revised
authors name removed and the company that bought South Bend replaced them Amsted Industries



What can be said about the one single book printed in the world that has launched more careers in the machine trades, and related fields. In more counties than one could find now a days.
From the title page on the 41st edition "Price 25˘, Postpaid, Leatherette bound 75˘, Postpaid, Stamps or Money order of any country accepted" With a clear address where you could write and mail to. And know that you would get answer back from them, along with a load of promotional materials.
The book was first printed in 1907, and every couple of years it was updated and revised to reflect any improvements on the machine.

Filled with B&W photo's of the lathe's they made, and every accessory somebody could imagine. A lot of the stuff you will only see in this book. As there are any number of ways of doing procedures. No tid bit of information was to small to leave out.

Truly the hard copy version of Wiki for the lathe and it times. If you get a chance to pick up a copy even for the photo's and charts and tables it is worth it. And I believe they are still reprinting them.
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