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Machine Shop Technology
« on: October 17, 2008, 06:13:00 AM »
Machine Shop Technology
by CA Felker
The Bruce Publishing Co.
copyright 1962
Hard Cover


I will admit this was my first exposure to the written word on the machines and machining. As it was my high school text book, at the cooperative high school I went to. We got the academics of a regular school in two weeks a month, and spent the other two weeks in the shop classes of the area we choose as a career path direction. We had two student bodies shift A and shift B.

After 3 semesters if they thought you were qualified, you got a job in industrial at the prevailing wage rates for helpers or beginners. Which was a lot more that bagging stuff at the local food mart. But enough of history!


    * Hand tool operations
    * Power saws
    * Drill press
    * Center drilling and straight turning on the lathe
    * Facing and other lathe operations
    * Turning and boring tapers
    * Cutting screw threads
    * The shaper
    * The planer
    * The Milling Machine
    * Milling machine indexing
    * Helical milling
    * Gears and gear cutting
    * Grinding machines
    * Metals used in the machine shop
    * Appendix of a number of tables grouped all together
    * Index

It is filled with B&W photo's, line drawings and charts of all things covered in dealing with the topics of machine shop technology of the mid 60's.
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