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The Metalworkers Benchtop Reference Manual
« on: October 18, 2008, 06:57:44 AM »
The Metalworkers Benchtop Reference Manual
by Joseph W Serafin
Tab Books #2605
copyright 1987


The title of the book is a little miss leading, as it deals almost exclusively with the machinist end of the metalworking side of things. That being said it is the wiki of the machine shop world, in print form. With clear detailed explanations of procedures that you need to do from time to time but may have not ever known or done before.

It is set up like a dictionary A thru W and filled with line drawings to show the step by step procedures. Most are drafting or shop style drawings, no photo's.

From alignment by sweep indicating, boring and bearings,cams,coiling heavier rod and wire,deep drawing procedure,finned tubing, gears, to tapers and trigonometry.
and finishing up with some tables and charts along with a set of trig tables.

All in all a great used book store or internet find.
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