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Free Vehicle Wiring, Relay Diagrams, and Technical Information for Mobile Electronics Installers, Enthusiasts, and Do-It-Yourselfers

Ok here the deal I have a 1998 dodge Ram PU when it was new I had an alarm installed A Viper 550HF model with remote start.
Worked great till 3 years ago, started acting up intermittently, mostly arming it self and going off when I tried to start it. and the remote start quit.
This morning it went off and wouldn't stop, cut the wires to the alarm horn. got it started and into the drive.

Went on line to find some help, the company sucs after the sale, the dealers only know something if you want a new alarm put in.

Found the above site, joined got the instal booklet and reversed engineered it remove each piece as I found it, and made sure the windows and locks worked along with the truck starting.
I got everything thing out but the lock module. it is the hollow of the door pillar and a job for better weather!

You have to join to access their files but it only took two hours after I got the dash panel bottom off and figured out what was the alarm and what came with the truck :dremel:

They have a lot of other stuff that can be of use to :proj:
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