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24 Metalworking Projects
« on: October 19, 2008, 06:25:34 AM »
24 Metalworking Projects
by Percy W Blandford
Tab books #2784
Trade paperback


An interesting mix of 24 simple shop projects,for home, shop, and boat. Mr. Blandford has written a number of books on wood working, metalworking and The practical Handbook of Blacksmithing and Metalworking. I think this book was originally done in England. From some of the project titles and the descriptions given. Few B&W photo's lots of line/shop type drawings to go along with the descriptions for the projects.
Three Turning Aids
Adjustable Bevels
Bench Shear (small 4 1/2" cut sheet metal 1/8"ferrous thick, straight line type cut)
Sawing guide
Block and Tackle
Jib Furling Gear
Drawing Board Supports
Screw Jack
Combination square additions
Photographic pan and Tilt Head
Parallel-Action Drafting Equipment
Extending Ladder Mechanism
Bar Clamp
Miter Clamps
Lathe Screw Chuck
Rod and Bar Bender
Adjustable lamp
Rowing Exerciser
Folding Trolley ( four wheel folding cart in the US/Canada)
These aren't intended for beginners projects as it is assumed that one has a reasonable level of technical knowledge. This book and the previous one were sold as a set or companion items.
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