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Flash Steam
« on: November 08, 2008, 05:55:43 AM »
Flash Steam
Its application in model and full-size practice
by  Edgar T Westbury
TEE Publishing
Copyright© 1984 1949
Reprinted 2002
ISBN#0-905100 59 X

From when it was first  published  in 1949 it was an inclusive book on an experimental subject. Bringing together information from the assorted articles in the magazine the Model Engineer. 

Covering the essential factors in sound design of flash steam plants, along with frank statements of the many and conflicting problems which it entails.

For such a short book, and small in size. It is filled with the questions and answers that flash steam boat builders have figured out since the 30’s.  Filled with clear drawings of the  bits and pieces of the engines and steam generators.  Black & white photos, that is clear enough to see the items being pictured.

Not so much builders or shop drawings as there are no dimensions of the parts.  But the  practical information contained in it  will be of immense use to the flash steam experimenter.

History and Development
Types of Flash Boilers
Methods of Firing
Types of Flash Steam Engines
Steam Engine Valve Gears
Boiler Feeding
Each chapter covers the subject well and with the depth that somebody looking to see if the flash plant is for them.

In the US it is available at  Powells book on the web.
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