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Experimental Flash Steam
« on: November 06, 2008, 07:28:03 AM »
Experimental Flash Steam
by  J H Benson, A A Rayman
Map Technical Publication
ISBN# 0 85242 352 7

Paperback cover
Reprinted in 2000
Copyrightę 1973
ISBN# 1 85761 1160
TEE Publishing

Here are two editions of a great book on Flash steam experiments. It covers the Principals of Flash steam in the opening chapter. Something that is often misunderstood by hobbyists and its use.

Then moving on to full size examples in steam cars and rail. With examples of boilers and engines and performance.

They then head to the home built steam car, equipment and construction, modification of an existing car. And some examples, there are plenty of     
books on steam cars out there if you require more info.

Now to the part that interests us, applications to models. Model boats and Hydroplanes, model locomotives and aircraft.

Starting with a chapter each on model flash boilers, Engines and valve gears, pumps covering what is need to know about them.

They then go into plant layout and hulls for low performance plants.  Air supply problems, engine position placement in racing hydroplanes, water supply, hull shapes, surfacing  propellers and stopping devices.

Another description using the Sun engine and a simple flash boiler and lamps(burner for us stateside) along with a propane alternative.  This is a moderate performance boat.

A racing flash steam plant, full description, and drawings of a complete plant fir a racing hydroplane.

Some early flash steamers, details of the boats and owners.

Some modern flash steamers, including turbine driven craft

It covers the basics, what you need to know to build one and  some history of some boats and their owners. All In all great stuff whether you will build one or not!

Again stateside this one is available new from look in Energy steam engines. They do turn up used ones,that's the top one in hardcover edition.
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