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The Model Engineers Handbook 3rd ed
« on: November 10, 2008, 07:53:27 AM »
The Model Engineers Handbook 3rd ed
By Tubal Cain
Nexus Special Interests
Argus books 1st ed

A standard must have for the modeler if they, have any interest in the machining, or build up field for steam boilers and engines. Or the custom building of parts or details for
modeling.  As with all of Tubal’s book they are a wealth of facts and information that you will find useful in the home shop. 

It is divided into major chapters on subject areas, which he then sub divides into separate items that are discussed.
SI units and metrication, the new standard of the world or it was hoped. To bring everybody inline with one system of weights and measures.  It is a refinement of the systems in use. Along with the conversion factors, Inch/Metric tables and Imperial measures(inch foot for us in the US)

Workshop calculations, all the stuff that now you wish you paid closer attention to in school, rather than the blond by the window!  From the slide rule, (making a come back retro style no batteries), and all the logarithms, angles and graphs tables areas etc. Plus useful formulae and trig.

Standard tapers and collects, all the major ones used on Both sides of the pond.

Screw threads, from screw threads and cutting, tables for BSW, BSF, unified, Whitworth, BA, Metric, and model engineers.

Workshop practices, from cutting tools to cutting speeds, drill points to micro drills, to fits and finish.

Metal joining, properties of materials, from engineering adhesives, soft and hard soldering and brazing. To all the assorted things that go into picking metal as a modeling material.

Steam and the steam engine, air and gases, boiler work, covers the information other books assume that you have when building boilers and the safety and operating considerations

Piston and gland seals,  o-rings and piston rings, Electric memoranda, and finishing with  the general information belt drives, keys and keyways  pipe flanges woodscrews and coach screws, thermal expansion and melting points.
In the US it is available at  Nation builder books, they also have a lot of other books of interest, history, and full size and modeling.
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