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The complete book of making Miniatures
« on: November 12, 2008, 08:26:01 AM »
The complete book of making Miniatures
Thelma R Newman & Virginia Merrill
Crown Publishers
Trade Paper back
ISBN# 0-517-524600
Copyright© 1975

A very good basic book on the area of miniatures. Whether it be in ship building for static or sailing on the local pond.  Most think of the doll house or room settings. But it is much more, as we try for more detail in the models. Interiors or just deck clutter, sometimes it will make the difference between a ok it’s a toy, or the Oh my! When showing it off to somebody else.

When you start you have to pick what scale you are going to work in. Now that isn’t as hard to do, as if everything in the scene  or room is the same size and not out of the general size with the ship etc. it will work when looking thru the port holes or door ways.

This book talks about miniatures in general, than moves on to planning, color, texture, lighting effects, and other basic things.

It goes into the kind of setting, real, historical or whimsical.  Then moves on to approaches to making miniature furniture, wood, tools, jigs, fixtures, drilling, fastening, and all the other shop type things. Along with finishing, improvising, working with fabrics and paper.

Moving on to all the little bits and pieces of daily life. Using the clay to form items, working with plastics and epoxy putties, liquid or paste plastic solders for casting. RTV silicone caulking, fusible crystals or pellets, mold making and casting, and some lost wax castings. A small amount of metal work,  turning and improvisations with metal

Finishing up making items from other things, from wall candle holders, plain or fancy
From a brass straight pin and an eyelet and other jewelry findings connect with  crazy glue. 

To a Tiffany style lamp shades from section of ping pong balls. It gets to the point were you look at things in a whole new way.

700 B&W photos with some color plates. It will give a good over view of what can be done.
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