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Polymer Clay Basics
« on: November 18, 2008, 07:29:59 AM »
Polymer Clay Basics
by Monica Resta
Sterling Publishing Co. NY N Y
Copyright © 2000 US Translation
Published in Italy 1999©
Available in Canada, Sterling
Great Britain and Europe Casell
Australia, Capricorn link
ISBN# 0-8069-7136-3
Hard cover

This is one of those new publishing practice, of republishing craft
and hobby books from their original country and translating it to English and then selling it around the rest of the world.

It does a couple of things the way it was explained to me.  First the author gets some more money up front, but not as much as if it was published in each country. Itís a one time packaged deal, and the only one that wins is the publishers and distributors as the cost of the book is lower so Higher profits.

Polymer clay has been in recent years improved so much that it has become the sole choice of medium of a lot of hobbyist and artists. It is a great material, for the modeler if they do detailed scenes, or details around the model, or even parts of the model. Where other materials are not with in the skill set of the modeler, boat fenders, deck cargo, rolled up traps, clothes and hats, or gear for the back of tanks, rolled up tents, duffle backs or all the other material of day to day life.

This book goes over the basics of working with polymer clay, tools, colors and pigments and then baking so it becomes harden like a cast plastic piece and then can be painted.

It doesnít get into figure modeling, I have a couple of others for that in the future. But is does give one the experience of working with the clay, and some simple projects. With the holidays coming up the simple bead and jewelry pieces can make a nice hand made gift from the modelers shop.

It is great stuff when nothing else seems to work or  do the job.
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