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Fantastic Figures, (clay based)
« on: November 22, 2008, 06:47:31 AM »
Fantastic Figures
by  Susanna Oroyan
C&T Publishing
ISBN# 0-914881-00-0
Trade paperback

 This books cover may not seem like it is a suitable title for the forum.  But since nobody has written anything on using the new clays  for details and accessories.

This makes a good general starting point for expanding the material use horizons.  As it has a good chapter on understanding the new clays, talks about the old clays, and including the paper clays. In addition to toxicity, durability and shelf life.

Starting with an introduction on designing, it moves on to the workspace, surface and tools. Since it was written for large scale figures and scene construction. It has a couple chapters on the head, body, hands and feet. With the type of armatures used and constructing the bodies out of assorted material other than clay. And the use considerations that you might need.

It also covers the curing of the various types of clays, and the finishing and painting. For most of the common mediums.
For the large scale figure builders it has clothing and display settings chapter along with some appendices that might prove useful.
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