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 Hi agin :wave:  :update:
A couple more pics of my stuff & mods; have reviewed some of my pics & have picked out the better ones to post as there are a few out of focus or too dark  :bugeye:

Fitted a simple drip feed to the store bought fixed steady.

Rear view

Fabricated fly cutter using reclaimed MT from broken drill,these are usually tough but still soft enough to machine.the cutter is self explanatory.. I have used it on many occasions with light cuts & it gives a most satisfactory finish.

Fabricated angle plate; 4x2 angle, used the fly cutter to machine surface hence the machine marks but these were hand scraped using 6mm plate glass for ref marking, yep that is rust you can see on it  :(  didn't put enough grease on it to protect it so its back to the clean up process  :doh:.

Reverse :


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