Author Topic: A tale of two tables!  (Read 1879 times)

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A tale of two tables!
« on: August 10, 2011, 12:27:23 PM »
The 6" Vertex rotary table that I have for my 626 mill has served me very well, but is was far too big for the little X2 mill, so I bought one of these :-

For my uses, it was not a good buy.

1 - The brass locking screw did not lock very well.
2 - The "T" slots interfered with the degree graduations.
3 - If the ballrace was adjusted to take out vertical slop, it made the very small hand wheel hard to turn.
4 - There is no provision for freeing the table from the worm, you have to wind the handle.
5 - The method of taking out any backlash is crude - undo two screws and tighten a grub screw.

So, I replaced it with a 110mm Vertex, a little brother of the 6". This is larger than the one above but much better engineered.

The table had to be drilled and tapped M6 to fit my small 4 Jaw so I took it appart to make sure that there was plenty of depth.

The worm is in fact a helical rack and there was enough room for the hole and if positioned opposite one of the "T" slots, it didn't interfere with any fixing screws.

Then my 4 jaw could be mounted.

Now what I needed was a table mounting collet chuck and that will be my next post.