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Blacksmith Shop & Iron Forging
« on: May 12, 2008, 06:26:35 AM »
Blacksmith Shop & Iron Forging
A 1906 International Correspondence Schools
Lindsay reprint

As with the ICS courses, offered, in the comic books and other magazines you have seen over the years It does pose the question what was included in the tools and equipment part of the course?
The book is only a section of the course more likely an over view of it.
It starts with:

    * Heating devices, forges both brick and metal type along with some of the devices used with and in the forges.
    * Forge fires, covers coal, coke,and charcoal along with the fire tools used in the tend and operation of the fire
    * Smithing tools, both hand and bench are covered with clear line drawings and good descriptions of the item and its use. Covers everything from the anvil, hammers of all types and styles, anvil tools,forming and cutting tools,swages and cutting and punching tools, Tongs and bench and floor tools,swage blocks, cones or tapered mandrels, To the run of the standard bench and hand measuring tools of the time
    * Manufacturing Iron, along with wrought iron
    * Moving into today what would be called a glossary, it gives definitions of the various operations carried out in a blacksmith shop.
    * Finishing up with the welding by heat and hammer

All with line drawing were clarification is needed.
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