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Hammer Work (powered hammer/forging work)
« on: May 12, 2008, 06:28:24 AM »
Hammer Work
An International Textbook Company
1906 England
Reprinted by Linsday Publications
ISBN 1-55918=076-5

A slim 36 pages paper covered booklet on power hammers. This is one of the items picked up at the Expo a couple of weekends ago.
It covers the different type of hammers and a little discussion each.
It also explains what some terms are. Helve for example,handle is what it means. And they have very large ones.

    * Helve hammers
    * trip hammers
    * drop hammers

Are considered power hammers or a hammer that is operated by not being direct connected to a steam cylinder. By motor now or belt drive shaft.
Going into the differences of the unguided and guided dies of the power hammers. Along with the upright and strap hammers.
It goes into steam helve and forging hammers along with the steam valves used to control the hammer. And the types of hammer frames
and some about the steam drop hammer.
Some of the other areas it covered is proper weight of a hammer, foundations, hammer tools such as porter bars and other handles for controlling the work.Hacks or cutters, swages and dies.
It only goes lightly into the forging of wrought and the into the more common low carbon steel and the welding of steel to iron.

All in all a very interesting short diversion in the area of power hammers that smith or non smith might gain insight as to what it is and why it does it the way it does.

As all my hammer experience were with steam drop and guided hammers on the end of the porter bars. It did put in perspective things that didn't make sense 40 years ago, in the forge hammer shop.
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