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Wood Pattern Making
« on: May 12, 2008, 06:33:50 AM »
Wood Pattern Making
by Edmund C Hanley
Bruce Publishing Co
copyrightę 1922,1924

Another text book that combines the complete coverage of a subject. Along with how it is used with a general overview of the casting of the patterns.

    * Introduction of wood pattern making
    * Machines and tools
    * Care of tools
    * The wood -turning lathe
    * Introduction to foundry work
    * molding equipment
    * Molding a simple split pattern
    * Wood stock selection,glues ,shellacs and allowances used
    * ]Cores and core prints
    * The difference between green sand and baked sand cores
    * About 20 projects from fillets to bells and trolly wheels.
    * Brass furnace
    * Cupola furnace

B&W photos, and clear line drawings along with drafting type prints with the measurements. This book or any of the other ones I have mentioned will give a pretty good understanding of the pattern making procedures whether it be for art or parts casting.
And all the basic info as far as shrinkage, slip,draft, and the use of cores,gates and risers still apply even if you are using new materials and making multiple copies.
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