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Wood Patternmaking A Textbook
« on: May 12, 2008, 06:41:00 AM »
Wood Patternmaking A Textbook
by Herbert J McCaslin
McGraw-Hill Book Co

This being one of the text books that the Detroit board of Ed used back in the day, at their trade schools that had both pattern making and foundry work. Up until the end of the 60's, when they started dismantleling the tech, trade and voc education schools. They were one of the best in the nation. As they feed bodies to the massive auto industry and related suppliers.

But thats was in a time and galaxy far,far away.Smile A typical textbook. Laid out in sections and then chapters. It covers the machines and tools you use along with the selections of wood used in pattern making.

The first part is what would be called Bench jobs, as they are mostly with hand tools. Covering one piece and more patterns. Molding, gates risers and a general over view of the sand mold making.
A total of 31 patterns, from a solid single link pattern to the casting of a swiveled hook. The closely joined yet free linked members of a part.

The second part covers lathe work, the lathe tools wood and speeds used. Covering a number of simple jobs then moving on to the bigger ones. From simple rings, to brake wheels, flywheels, hand wheels and pipe fittings.

Some 30 more pattern jobs along with a glossary, and chapter on inspections of the finished patterns.

Of course today, there are any number of new materials that lend them selves to pattern making. But the old ways some times are the only ways for a job to get done.

B&W photos, and line drawing abound. A great history lesson.
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