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VATOC engine
« on: January 14, 2012, 09:08:23 AM »
This last week I completed enough of swarfrat's VATOC engine
 to have it run. I may bling it up a bit or I may build another one but up the scale a bit
and then bling them both. This was a fun project and I don't think it would be beyond
anybodies ability. After all I was able to do it. It does pretty much require having a
rotary table if you want the "variable angle" part that's at the heart of this engine.

I can also highly recommend the Mill Spindle Centering scope
I first saw this in action when I purchased the VATOC DVD and knew it would be a great
and practical project. I built it before I built the VATOC and I now use it extensively.
has a project log.