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Foundry Practice
« on: May 12, 2008, 06:44:19 AM »
Foundry Practice
A Text Book for Executives, Molders,Students and Apprentices
by R H Palmer
John Wiley & Sons

Well its another oldie but another goodie. Laid out in 27 seven chapters, starting with the mold and moving thru the different types of molding.

    * Split patterns
    * Irregularly shaped patterns
    * Floor molding
    * Bedding patterns in the foundry floor
    * Molding columns
    * Molding car wheels
    * Dry sand molds
    * Loam molds
    * Molds for steel castings
    * Settings,cores,gates, risers shirnkheads and feeding heads
    * Treatment of the casting while cooling
    * Cleaning castings

Covers some interesting examples, such as lathe beds, Corliss steam engine cylinders and wheels. It then moves on to Molding machines, mending broken castings, molding tools.
Then moves to Molding sand and it make up along with Iron and its composition. Then the cupola and its operation along with the air furnace and its operation. As at the time the choice in the equipment and fuels for melting metal were limited.
A short chapter on the brass foundry is included as it was an important aspect of the manufacturing scene at the time.
Concluding with ladles,flaks,and other foundry equipment.
and the important,appendixes.
It is a very nice read for a text book on how granpa would have did it back it the day. When the importance of having a dirt floor in a shop was a daily part of the work!
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