Author Topic: 10 x 22 King - tumbler reverse  (Read 3232 times)

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10 x 22 King - tumbler reverse
« on: February 17, 2012, 10:58:08 PM »
I didn't want to post this till it worked.  Following the plans put on the net by another forum member (Norman Leonard) I started making parts about a month ago.  It is now finished and although I haven't done any threading with it yet it seems to work as planned  :med:

A couple of resources:
Norman's Plans and information:

Dennis Atwood modifications:

I used two Acetyl, module 1.50, 30 teeth gears.  Part #:  A 1M 2MYZ15030 from Stock Drive Products.  Dennis was kind enough to provide me with the part number.

Some changes were made:
- kept the change lever and lock mechanism inside the case.
- silver soldered the lever to the carrier plate after milling a "lap" joint - I don't have a welder and there was little room for bolts.
- moved the assembly around to the right (counter clockwise) from where Norman placed his.

And a couple of photos:

One of the real benefits is that I can now leave the drive train in neutral when it isn't needed.  Plus I can make left hand threads (will likely never need one again now that I can do it).

Norm - thanks for creating these plans - I would not have figured out how to do it without your help.