Author Topic: Pretty slick new service for digital magazines  (Read 1477 times)

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Pretty slick new service for digital magazines
« on: March 13, 2012, 05:06:51 PM »
Currently almost all British magazines, but hobby mags and others. Since I did and do miniatures, doll house type stuff and diorama scenes and having got a number of collector figures on the Munster characters for Christmas. I am planning on doing a couple of diorama boxes.
I came across a British doll house magazine at a brick and mortar store. In it they talked about thier soon to be active service for the android OS on tablets and phones. I checked them out and the price was $3.00 to $6.00 cheaper than the store.
So I subscribed and bought two of the annual project magazines in addition to a subscription.

It is also available on the market on google. I did have a bit of a problem as using google to buy I wasn't aware that it could talk up to 24 hours before it is delivered. I didn't have any trouble with the sites service it self. I did have to register for the CC verify program. which I did off line since their version of the app wasn't working.

I will say that I did contact the service by email and was responded to fast but since it was getting close to end of work day on that side of the pond. First thing this morning everything was corrected and the missing magazine was in my library.

This may be of interest to any that like the British mags for RR and other model building, the model tractor mag looks great! i like them because they have a lot of how to's in the miniature mags were the US version have a lot more adds last time I seen one, if you can find them for sale.
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