Author Topic: Steps Toward Gear Cutting on Atlas 618 Lathe  (Read 4534 times)

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Steps Toward Gear Cutting on Atlas 618 Lathe
« on: March 27, 2012, 02:57:28 PM »
I was inspired by the creative and pedagogically outstanding article
by "gloaming_agnet":

<<  >>

I started remembering the never forgotten wisdom given an MIT freshman student working
as a sweeper in the machine shop in 1956 who was awestruck watching what was turned
out by the tool and die makers:  " All machining follows the 40-40-20 rule.

- 40% of the time: Contemplating all the requirements and specifications and imagining the processes
  to get the product made.

- 40% of the time: Figuring out for each machining step what holders, jigs, set up, clamping, etc. will look like.

- 20% of the time: actually cutting chips and overcoming actual impediments such as screw ups, etc.

( The brand of Queen's English expressing the above rules was more along the emphatic lines of 'Middle English' rather
than that found at the Oxford University by say Professors on the pre-Hellenic origins of Homeric Greek.   :D )

First 40%: Imagining the final setup on my Atlas as seen on << >>

 "A photo of the mill slide, mount and gear blank holder/vertical shaft I use is seen below, before being bolted to the lathe crass slide.

Second 40% : gathering the materials and correlating with to the  article's  amazingly clear and inspirational presentation.

a. Use Atlas 618 milling attachment. My implementation is to use for the holder/indexer will use ER-25 collets, a $33.00 AliBaba 1" ER-25 collet holder with a straight shank, and a 1" I.D. Pillow Block bearing that was given to me as a birthday gift. Joy of joys. Already there. OOOPS!

N.B. When I received the straight shank holder its diameter actually measured 63/64" ... "close enough for Chinese Government work?? "
so it was loose in the Pillow block.   What sleeve would fit in between??? Did there exist thin wall tubing?
:smart: There before my eyes was a 100' roll of 35mm film protector. Could it be? Wow! It fit as tightly on the shaft as a second skin ...
"...picture of the Queen - Beatles 1960's ".

The fit was perfect, tight, and allowed rotation for indexing..

b. [ like soap operas, stay tuned for the next installment after a word from our sponsors.]

I must end with an inadequate but admiring compliment to all those on this site who share so
openly and freely of their creativity that inspires us tyros to brave using and extrapolating from
your teachings. Many thanks.