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Casting Iron
« on: May 12, 2008, 06:50:12 AM »
Casting Iron
by C W Ammen
Tab Books #1610

    * The basics of Iron
    * Iron ore dressing(cleaning making ready for use)
    * The Blast furnace
    * The Cupola
    * Cupola operations
    * First heat
    * Calculating Cast Iron mixes
    * Cast Iron Compositions
    * Alternate Melting Methods
    * The usual appendixes
    * And one about the molding sand characteristics and additives for iron

Another one one that is devoted to one flavor of metal melting. Going into greater detail,and covers what you would need to know. If you are thinking of making some small parts in grey iron or any other alloy of it.
Starting with the material itself, then jumping in to a short lesson on the processing of the ore.
Covering the two most common methods of melting iron, along with the operations of small furnaces.
moves on to the fixing up of the alloys and what the additives gives the iron as to the properties.
He finishes up with a number of other means of melting metal. Going over the advantages and disadvantages of each. In short sections, To see if you would like to follow up on that method.
Of course he has the usual assortment of appendixes for Iron casting.

Again this one probably at a library near you. try here
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