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nice surprise.
« on: June 04, 2012, 04:55:42 PM »
Hearing sbwhart's good news it reminded me to tell the story of a guy I work with.
Martin (that the guys name  :D ) was planning to go to a coldplay concert with his son last wednesday worked his dinner break to leave early and everything. Got home and his daughter was in pain so he offered to take her to doctors instead she said it was ok she would get a neighbour to take her. So he got ready while neighbour took her and he and his son got in the car and started off.
He had planned to nip into the doctors on the way to make sure all was ok and got there to find no neighbours car and no daughter.
meanwhile son is cursing his attention seeking sister while he tries to get hold of her then a call come through on his phone, son answers and exchanges a few word then says they had better get to hospital pretty quick but none of them will say why.
his daughter had been taking medication for a water infection but it wasnt a water infection it was labour pains  :jaw:
she had no idea she was pregnant and carried the 7pound odd baby girl hidden in her size 10 body.
Turns out this life c**p is just one big distraction from death but a good one. For the love of god dont give yourself time to think.