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The Metalcasters Bible
« on: May 12, 2008, 06:53:40 AM »
The Metalcasters Bible
by C.W.Ammen
Tab Books#1173

This is the earlier version or forerunner of the previous posted book I believe.
Part I The Process of Metal Casting

    * Casting Processes
    * Mold Making
    * Molding Sands
    * Molding Tools and Equipment
    * Metal Melting Devices
    * Metal Handling and Pouring Devices
    * Metallurgical Properties of Cast Metal
    * Cores and their Applications
    * Patterns and Related Equipment
    * Part II Dictionary
    * Part III Metal Casting Statistical Data

It is like all of his books covers the subject like a blanket, and whether it is an earlier edition or current. As about the only thing is the supplier list will be out of date.
It has everything that you would need to know to be gin to do small castings.
The dictionary has the drawing of the item along with detailed explanations. the statistical data covers shrinkage and all the metal properties along with. The alloy % of various standard metal materials, fluxes and washes, the scrap alloys content % sand mixes % etc. Stuff that is not easy to find.

Again check the local libraries as it is another one that finds its way on their shelves.
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