Author Topic: When they tell you your heat exchanger has cracks!  (Read 1554 times)

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When they tell you your heat exchanger has cracks!
« on: July 29, 2012, 12:12:38 PM »
Been trying to get my parents to get the AC replaced since a leak developed 4 years ago. Spent about 60 hours with both the old school leak detector and a new electronic one to no avail. It was a 30 year old Freon 22 type.
At the start of the month we had to put my father in hospital due to in a Diabetes related infection in his foot. Doctor told my mother that it went from nothing to gangrene in less than 48 hours due the elevated temperatures in the house.
I got somebody to come out and put a furnace/A?C unit and media filter in. I put it in originally before they put into place all the regs dealing with refrigerants.
Here are some pictures of the heat exchanger I took out of the furnace.

It was 100,000 btu unit with a 5 lobe exchanger, about half way up you can see the dark cracks on each lobe.

Photo's of both sides of the left end lobe it was sold along both sides other than at the edge of the seam were it was starting to separate.

This is the right side end one
Along with the 3 in the middle using an all to pick and poke all the cracks were tights and probably not leaking yet.
This is an informational post for those that may have wondered when somebody is talking about the heat exchanger cracking. It will open up and let the products of combustion into the living area, as they get larger.
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