Author Topic: How to Cast small Metal & Rubber Parts  (Read 2638 times)

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How to Cast small Metal & Rubber Parts
« on: May 12, 2008, 06:59:02 AM »
How to Cast small Metal & Rubber Parts
by William A Cannon
Tab Books #1105
Yes yet another Tab book, in the 70's they had a popular do it myself book club that covered the subject matter. From a to Z and beyond.
Divide into two parts, it covers the basics of metal casting. In the first part,From the 6 major methods of making a mold.

    * Sand casting
    * Lost wax casting
    * Die casting
    * Permanent mold casting
    * Plaster mold
    * Shell casting

Then gets in to the other areas you need to know about. Alloys you can use to not using alloys like woods metal, zamac and solder for stuff. The gets into the alloys and the reasons to or not to use them along with the scrap vs. virgin metals.

Equipment you can make, sands,fluxes and degassers. To the glossary of terms used.

Casting rubber, covers everything to make simple items say a old car restorer would need the door bumpers or stops,weather stripping etc. From the various hardnesses of Devcon's Flexlane rubbers to then the new emerging Polyurethanes. From simple wood and plaster molds to the more precise metal molds.
He also shows through a number of examples how it done, even with a metal insert which there seems to be a lot of on cars.
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