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Little wonder IC engine
« on: September 21, 2012, 05:24:06 PM »

Hi everyone,

I've gone and brought myself a new toy.

It is a little wonder engine, I bought it off a member of another forum, which Is the reason why I've had to have a break from everything for the last few weeks, I can't handle spending money!   :palm:

It came ready built in working order and I'll run it when the fuel Arrives. I had to ring up 10+ model shops I've finally found a supplier for the four stroke fuel it runs on!

I've got a few bits I want to do for this engine, just tidying up a few bits and pieces mainly the ignition. It uses a handheld glow plug the same as you'd  use on an R/C car, but it has to stay connected to keep it running. To streamline this a little, I'm thinking of making a battery box and installing an electric version instead of having the plug and handle hanging on the back of the engine.

I just need to check if I can keep the current on all of the time with the seller.

Watch this space for a video in the coming days.