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Ornamental Metal Casting
« on: May 12, 2008, 07:00:54 AM »
Ornamental Metal Casting
by: R E Whitmoyer
Lindsay Publications
copyright 1986
Another older version but a goodie. It is divide in to two parts the first part the foundry end of things from building the furnace and crucible to the sand molding tools and flasks. To doing a try out casting.
Part two is making some ornamental casting. From flats molds,pattern making solid figurines, to casting the old type penny bank replica's. Then moving on to plaster of Paris molds, and lost wax molds. Finishing up with a multiple spout water fountain. Including the the water systems testing and balancing.

What was interesting about this book is that he use projects and takes you through them a sundial, fishes, frogs and turtles. A penny bank replica,and the the fountain.

Most talk about casting, but seldom carry thought with a project.
From Lindsay Publications. a full pack for the money.
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