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Foundrywork for the Amateur
« on: May 12, 2008, 07:03:44 AM »
Foundrywork for the Amateur
By: B Terry Aspin
Model & Allied Publications Ltd
ISBN# 0 85344 105 7 paper back small format

Well this small sized volume,from across the pond. Is filled with the information for the way it is done there. Some things are done differently than here. But it does cover everything from the start to the finish of a casting job.

Written form the angle of a model engine parts, it does go it to more of the pattern making and moulding of the part. Where the books on this side tend to leave that stuff to, two more separate books.
Whether it is small items with a soft fire brick carved mold, cuttle fish bone or something larger in a multi part sand casting mold.

Filled with great line drawings of the items discussed to the operations being done.
It is available at any number of booksellers as Nation Builders or Powells books.  Powells bookseller Nation builder books
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