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Tool SOS
« on: February 06, 2013, 04:15:51 PM »
As part of a decent haul of very large tooling (if you have need of any 2"+ drill bits on MT4 & up, giant reamers, etc., drop me a PM before I take them to the scrap yard), I also happened across a rather nice Pfander autolock chuck & some chunky bits to go with it:

The 3rd item is an Osborne Titanic, which takes 25mm (maybe 1") Clarkson style tooling. The Pfander takes 32mm (1.25"?). As you can see, internally the Pfander chuck is actually in excellent condition:

The problem is, it's on a BT40 taper. My CNC machine wants QC30, and the manual m/c wants R8. I'd like to convert the BT40 chuck to either of those, or maybe a straight shank so I can use it on either machine.

So.... how should I go about the conversion? I'm assuming the BT40 taper is going to be as hard as hades... There's enough width & length to cut an r8 taper, I would have to make an insert to "fix" the drawbar threads, which are significantly different.

Alternatively, rather than butcher a perfectly good chuck; I could also try to find or make a collet set for the Osborne chuck; in which case I would have a rather nice PFfander BT40-PFM2 chuck to sell/barter....


BTW, despite the size of the cutter, I only plan to do lightweight machining - wax, mainly.

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