Author Topic: A bowling ball, horrible fright vise and a Chinese balloon tire....  (Read 3520 times)

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Well with the sun shinning and spring in the air for today 64'F
and 20% off coupon in hand I headed to horrible fright for their vac base vise it has a post and the ball comes of with an allen wrench. It is a pretty good light duty vise same one as sold by any number of vendors that charge more!

Had a 13 " balloon off road wheel but will pick up one of the $4.99 ones next time I get back
it doesn't seem to have the loose issue as the ball has been outside for two years.
I think a newer one of the acrylic type and not the ebonite style rubber one would be cleaner and work better.

Just for anybody's interest the knife is one of those throwing knives from the want ads in the back of the magazines Pop Mech etc.! It is a Soling from Japan and a stamped knife 10" 1 3/16" at its widest.
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