Author Topic: Delray's diggers find scrap metal, pride and fellowship.  (Read 1578 times)

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Delray's diggers find scrap metal, pride and fellowship.
« on: December 03, 2013, 07:05:48 AM »
Delray's diggers find scrap metal, pride and fellowship or will Detroit become the first US 3rd world city?

Here is a story that the guys that gave it will be sorry they did.

First the number of people showing up to work the urban claim will sky rocket.

The city will require permits to do the digging.

Not only will the cities inspectors be there with there hand out and want to collect the inspection fees and other. As there is a continuing bribery investigation going on.

OHSA, EPA, Labor dept, BOLM, BOM will all join in along with others.

The property owner will be liable for all fines and permits to operate an open pit mine.

The homeless guy that is sleeping in the used tire shelter they built will be forced to move back under the freeway overpass, due the substandard level of his current housing!

Finally the criminals will move in and there will be a shooting or knifing over a choice piece of scrap!

Yes Detroit has become the leader on the way to becoming the first 3rd world city in the US.

The reporter did those guys a disservice, as he ruined their lives if from nothing else the do gooders moving in to "help improve the poor sods lives" as the Brit's say.

And today is the day the judge decides on the bankruptcy goes forward. And soon if the retirees join the rest of the people that will be shafted.

I worked in Detroit for 35 years, and in all sections of the city. I didn't work for the city, but have seen what has happened to it and the neighborhoods.

There is another article about the burning of the Heidelberg Project. A mess of a co-opted neighborhood art project, even too blocking a street with discarded shoes so no one could pass! When I worked near there the people that lived in the area hated it. Because in addition to all the junk "THE ARTIST" brought and used he mounted it to houses he didn't own.

The art snobs from the suburbs and around the world, Declared it a statement and a wonderful work of art!

Of course the one question most of the art snobs wouldn't answer is. Would you want it on your street! Of course the answer is "Not In My Backyard".
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