Author Topic: New Equipment Item#61705 Harbor Freights finially came up with a better cart  (Read 2061 times)

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Here are two pic's they just finished un boxing it at the LHFS

I measured it to check when I got home to see if my 200sdx and coolmate 3 would fit on the top It is about 19" wide top x 21"long the rest is the room for the gas cylinder.
I have been waiting for the weather to get above freezing for a weeks or so so I could build a new cart for the TIG.
But I think that I will go back, and get one they appear to be mostly assembled.
Welding cabinet/cart 61705

Well I just about got it out of the box, wind is blowing 30 steady and gusting to 45. To much stuff in the way all the things That piled up over the winter that need to be sorted and stored!
From looking at the parts I know this will work out may only need the addition of 2 tie down loops for a motor cycle style strap. to keep the unit on top of the cooler unit.
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I quite like visiting the local HF stores when I'm over your side....
Got some bargains last year when I over to Boston.....
A soda blasting kit for $20 here they were 60....... :coffee:
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