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New from Old / Re: Rebuilding A Grotty Chicken Shed
« Last post by awemawson on Today at 11:45:54 AM »
Nope - it never had a drop of preservative of any kind since the day it was born - poor neglected thing !

It's actually not for housing chicken but rather their feed and it's operation and maintenance for the last 11 years has been on the Distaff  side of the melee  :clap:

Only recently when things have got out of hand I ripped out the rotten fence posts, burnt one chicken house (Hooray!!), rebuilt the silly one on wheels, now rebuilt the feed shed, and no doubt I'll be preparing for re-seeding, fencing, laying paths.  :bang:

. . . how much do Sainsbury's charge for eggs ?
Electronics & IC Programing / Re: Which lathe (err... Scope) Rigol
« Last post by eskoilola on Today at 11:37:08 AM »

Those prices are horrific.

Like someone - probably mr. Gotteswinter - said, the chinese Lathes should be considered as building kits of lathes. To achieve durability, stability etc, one has to do some extra job.

Maybe a scope cannot be compared with this but for example if the sensitivity and noise levels are not adequate, then just build a Textronix grade preamplifier with all possible terminations and there You go.

For me the Siglent SDS1202X-E would be quite tempting as it has all the needed base structure and enough BW to cope with most of the carbage one can present to it.

This review is quite unpolarized but unfortunately in Deutsche Sprache. Basically he tells that he had already got one and that had some software faults, they replaced that and this one "seems to be quite OK". At leas he has a decent reference - A Rohdeschwartz scope .... Those devices used to be really reliable and did not leave much to wish for - except for lower prize. I have a basic signal generator (9kHz - 2GHz) made by this company and that device is really something. If You can find a device made by them - those are usually quite good.

New from Old / Re: Rebuilding A Grotty Chicken Shed
« Last post by Jo on Today at 10:57:14 AM »
But commercial sheds are creosoted regularly. :med:

I didn't like to mention earlier that that second shed didn't look like it had been annually maintained creosoted  :poke:

New from Old / Re: Rebuilding A Grotty Chicken Shed
« Last post by awemawson on Today at 10:45:37 AM »
Probably  :clap:

It'll have a fair few weeks of drying time, as the chicken run is still to be ground raked (JCB 803) re-seeded and fenced - they reckon it's safe for stock after 48 hours but you are right - the reek persists longer than that. But commercial sheds are creosoted regularly. :med:
New from Old / Re: Rebuilding A Grotty Chicken Shed
« Last post by Will_D on Today at 10:31:38 AM »
Are you sure the eggs won't taste of creosote?
Mod-Ups! / Re: Pressure as a unit of time
« Last post by Joules on Today at 09:02:08 AM »
Nice, will take some getting used to 30 past 150psi.  I do hope 300psi is clocking off time.
Mod-Ups! / Pressure as a unit of time
« Last post by sbwhart on Today at 08:24:20 AM »
Take one beat up old pressure gauge

One cheap electric clock movement

Cut the guts out of the gauge.

Marry the two together and hey presto you have a pressure gauge clock


New from Old / Re: Resurrecting a Portakabin
« Last post by awemawson on Today at 08:08:05 AM »
Having at long last finished chicken shed #2 this morning I could give serious consideration to jacking up the Portakabin to a more level state.

Jack leg 'B' is the most accessible so I thought that I'd start there - it is also fairly close to the entrance door, and as years back I cast a concrete threshold abutting the doorway I would be able to see if they stuck together or (hopefully) moved independently. However close examination revealed one of those 'gottcha' situations. The cranked pin that pins the inner and outer sliding elements of the jack leg had been put in from the wrong side, so that if the jack were placed where intended, you couldn't remove the pin when the initial weight was taken. A bit of innovative jack placement and application of odd angles of jacking got the pin out and back the right way round and the leg extended by 2" - and the good news was that the threshold concrete stayed put as the cabin moved upwards  :thumbup:

The other legs 'C' and 'D' had the pin the right way round, however the arris rail of the fence though which I was doing this keyhole surgery was exactly and precisely where the jack handle wanted to be  :bang: A bit of rigging timber baulks and bent jack handles overcame the problem  :thumbup:

Leg 'C' went up it's required 4" with no real problem, and when I came to leg 'D' it was already up in the air taking no weight, so the cabin chassis must be less flexible than I'd thought.

So is it now level? Well it's certainly MORE level than it was but no it's not level. I'm going to set up the tripod and laser level this afternoon it the rain holds off - I expect that the tops of the jack legs are now roughly level but the structure of the cabin is a bit crook !

New from Old / Re: Rebuilding A Grotty Chicken Shed
« Last post by awemawson on Today at 07:51:03 AM »
So this morning, early doors, I glazed the windows, re-fitted the external dusk to dawn sensor, sorted out the internal fluorescent light, it's switch and a twin 13A outlet, and handed the shed back to the customer  -  ( SWMBO ) - finished at last  :thumbup:

. . . .  and I never want to see another chicken shed in my lifetime  :bugeye:

Electronics & IC Programing / Re: Which lathe (err... Scope) Rigol
« Last post by PekkaNF on Today at 04:21:15 AM »

Couple times of the year Rigol offers Option Bundle for free. Now I don't see on this model on this shop. Pretty sure it is on sale somewhere.

Did some more Spesification and Review trawling and looks like entry scope market is such, that Keithley/Tektronix really don't want to sell for people that buy with their own money and pay real price. Pretty sure they are competive for institutions and big companies...Just checked Tektronix TBS1000B Series, 2 Channel, 100 MHz, 2 GSPS

Display Memory Depth:    2.5 kpts - you have to be kidding!

In principle I like simple no-nonsense scope that does basic thing well and does only that, but honestly: it should have least semidecent analog front end, least 50 ohm option and 3 Ch (usefull at encoder stuff and serial signals) or 2+1 Ch configuration with advanced triggering to convince me to reach for wallet. But I understand really big corporatios have to slap on those products 50% overhead and therefore very little in the budget is allocated on basic engineering of basic units.

I understand that for students to many options might be intimidating, but "home/basic" button would do that. I liked single button "store" function to pen drive, but then I read that it is not as straightforwars as seen on TV.

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