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Project Logs / Re: Mini mill Stand SX2 Plus
« Last post by velocette on Today at 10:21:52 PM »
Is the lead screw stainless steel as this is unlikely unless that is what was ordered.  Even so It is possible to drill the end and fit an extension shaft to it. The Lead screw nuts of far eastern origin have lots of play that produces lots of backlash unfortunately. The Thrust bearings at the right hand end can be adjusted to give no back lash. A power feed motor That can be mounted to slide  on a couple of rods to disengage the drive using a simple dog clutch for hand feeding is an advantage. 

Project Logs / Re: Mini mill Stand SX2 Plus
« Last post by WeldingRod on Today at 07:48:15 PM »
Um... I'll try to hit the high points!
First, take a file or a directory grinder and grind a higbee on the end of the threads.  Then clean the corners of the higbee.  It's used on firehouses and oilfield iron; you need to google a picture because my explanation isnt going to cut it...
Your lead screw needs to have one end fixed axially to one end of the table.  This can be done with a pair of bearings.  You want to run that end close to the nut, then tighten the screws to the table to produce alignment.  The other end can float axially, but your motor's centerline needs to agree pretty well with the nut.  You can do.the same trick (get close to the nut n tighten) on that end.
Btw, I hate what spell check does to axially and higbee!!

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Project Logs / Re: Sheet Metal Brake and 3d Printer.
« Last post by WeldingRod on Today at 07:36:33 PM »
I wired my z steppers in series and was happy with the result!  I think that's in the manual....

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Thanks for the link Ade, no I don't have that particular manual. It's for the S5-135U  Stand Alone PLC that the PLC embedded in the 820T controller emulates.

Assuming here, but I suppose that Siemens decided rather than have a physically separate PLC they could time slice the CPU in the controller to do the same job logically. The PLC even reports itself as a 135 when I connect to it.

I've yet to get fully to grips with it, but as I understand it the PLC copies it's field of input and output data to the CNC controller and vice versa once every pass of the program and that is how they communicate, setting the flag bits.

. . . It's a whole new world in there ! Bring back COBOL or ALGOL I say or even FORTRAN but I was happy with Z80 assembler  :clap:

bits 8-15 to byte n, bits 0-7 to byte n+1

Ugh, I hate little-endian systems with a passion, they just don't feel right.

BTW, you might already have this manual, I can't remember off-hand, but in case it's useful, it appears to contain a Step5 programming manual:
Project Logs / Re: Sheet Metal Brake and 3d Printer.
« Last post by S. Heslop on Today at 05:44:24 PM »
Oops. Probing about trying to adjust the currents on the steppers. Went and Touched the wrong thing and now the display shows all the pixels on, except briefly returning to normal as it's powering off. Seems it's permanently broken but I wonder what part...

Edit: I can just make out the display at an extreme angle and turn the heater on, but none of the steppers move. I heard these things were fragile but yowch. Glad I didn't buy the stupid £160 board!

Edit again: Gonna go with the MKS Sbase 1.3 for about £50. I can feel the sunk cost fallacy starting to sink in! But it's more that setting the currents with a tiny potentiometer and calculating the whatever with the vref isn't so appealing, especially after finding out the Legends are true and those ramps boards are very fragile.

Trouble is the Sbase uses JST connectors instead of the dupont connectors on the ramps board. So I might need to crimp on new connectors or make adapters. But i've been assured by Some Guy that the dupont connectors fit anyways, but i'm not entirely convinced. Seems you wouldn't get full contact.
Project Logs / Re: Sheet Metal Brake and 3d Printer.
« Last post by S. Heslop on Today at 05:20:45 PM »
I wasn't sure what you meant but I did switch two of the pins inside the plug around after the first issues. I... didn't consider to check the other leads but it turns out the way it was with the middle two wires flipped was correct. I'm not sure what the first problem was. Maybe something stupid like I had the connector set over a pin.

Everything seems to work now but the Z axis. Sharing the one controller it doesn't have the torque to lift the Z axis. Is there any way to configure marlin to make use of that spare 2nd extruder controller?

Edit: Forget that last one, just found the right combo of things to google search. Also thanks for the help Andrew.
Project Logs / Re: Sheet Metal Brake and 3d Printer.
« Last post by awemawson on Today at 04:47:58 PM »
3 meters shouldn't be too much Simon, I have well over that on some runs on my CNC Plasma Table. Are the motors 6 wire that you have to interlink, and maybe the linking has gone astray?
You and me both Tom  :thumbup:

I've just spent the evening gleaning all the 'I bits' (ie inputs) from the circuit diagrams  that I have and typing them into a cross reference file that STEP5  uses to translate absolute labels (such as I 8.1) into symbols.

Next task is to do the same for all the outputs (Q bits) from the  circuit diagrams, then try and pick up the internal 'standard' flag words from the 'Guide to writing PLC programs from Siemens.

Hopefully when those tasks are completed the 33 pages of program will be more user friendly bed time reading  :lol:

. . . of course all this effort is no guarantee that the 'M20' issue that I'm seeking will be revealed, or indeed that the issue is even IN the PLC  :bugeye:
Not that boring but does make one scratch their head!
Iím waiting for the lightbulbs to turn on!
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