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Project Logs / Re: Little Blazer X4
« Last post by Will_D on Today at 05:45:17 PM »
Excellent videos Doc, much appreciated.

I am currently converting to CNC so I  naturally have a few questions and observations:

1. What CAD/CAM system/setup are you using?

2. Is that a CNC'd Bridgeport?

3. The last operation to machine the flywheel OD scared the S*1T out of me. The part could easily have rotated as you milled off the corners a full 1/4" by 0.25
    You could have stuck two sheets of emery paper back to back which would have improve the friction immensely. Also the extra few tho' would have allowed you to mill clear of the part and not into your table.


Will, Malahide, Co.
Project Logs / Re: Centec 2A Rebuild
« Last post by vtsteam on Today at 05:41:41 PM »
First eleven photos in thread edited to reduce size.
Electronics & IC Programing / Re: capacitive fuel gauge for petrol
« Last post by PK on Today at 04:57:54 PM »
Might be easier to build an oscillator that uses the sensor then count cycles..... (if you're not already doing that).
Tools / Re: Should I try to repair this dial caliper?
« Last post by krv3000 on Today at 04:38:05 PM »
as I say if its broken you can not brake it any more its a easy fix if you have a lil lathe and micro drill bits 
How to's / Re: Grinding the jaws on my three jaw chuck
« Last post by chipenter on Today at 04:13:41 PM »
I have a Buck true grip and it's a very good for repeatadly gripping the same size once adjusted for repeat work .
How to's / Re: Grinding the jaws on my three jaw chuck
« Last post by mm289 on Today at 03:42:08 PM »
Cheers Matt, very useful. I have a 3 jaw that I was playing with at Christmas to see what the run out was and now know what I could do to it if I ever get around to it !


How to's / Re: Grinding the jaws on my three jaw chuck
« Last post by mattinker on Today at 02:55:24 PM »
Most styles of three jaw chuck can be converted to a 'Grip-Tru' type with a bit of ingenuity to allow precis centring.  The chuck is made a deliberate sloppy fit on the register and four grub screws are placed to be able to move the chuck relative to the register using tolerance introduced by enlarging the mounting holes. When the workpiece if satisfactorily centred the backplate bolts are finally tightened.

Personally I wouldn't want to use this approach on a good chuck, but it's a rescue plan for an older worn one.
Andrew, that's a useful idea, although in my view, it's a solution if you haven't got a four jaw. If you're going to dial it in with adjuster screws, it's probably easier to use a four jaw.

cheers, matthew
Electronics & IC Programing / Re: capacitive fuel gauge for petrol
« Last post by angus on Today at 02:47:38 PM »
Mine is a lot more mechanically robust.  I did have another go with a larger center tube of 15m. That gave me roughly 50 to 130pf
The arduino will be right on top of the probe.

I had considered temperature compensation with  an ntc  that will depend how much it changes. It may be useable without, time will tell
Project Logs / Re: Centec 2A Rebuild
« Last post by mm289 on Today at 02:28:40 PM »
Bit of an update.

Have completed work on the column dovetails now. Started out by checking for parallel between the dovetails at different points along the column using a couple of milling cutters as pins to measure with. Used a pair that pressed against the middle of the dovetails.

Pic 1 shows me measuring up, was pretty good actually with only about .02mm variation across most of the column widening out to .06mm at the top where it isn't worn.

Then ran the straight edge across the dovetails to see where the high spots were. The Gib dovetail (pics 2 & 3) actually looked flatter than the non gib (pics 4 & 5) so I decided to use that as my "master" and scrape this flat first.

It actually didn't need much scraping to get it flat, but it had a couple of nasty scratches in it so I took it down a bit more to get rid of these until I had a nice finish - pic 6.

Once this was sorted I did the guiding way dovetail (pic 7) and re-measured. Dovetails are now within .02mm all the way along so I am happy with that.

Just for laughs I then blued up the column and took my first print of the knee  :bugeye: (pic 8). Not a lot of bearing surfaces here then, just resting on the four corners.

Next job is to attack this.


CNC / Re: DDCSV1.1 4 Axis controller
« Last post by dale brisson on Today at 02:19:07 PM »
i did kinda find a way but still work in progress i set as
mode2  fixed position  .
i set 0 random  on the table then hit probe the big issue is that the z will go down first to the probe height then y and x will fallow  my 000xyz is at the back of the table and i wanted the probe at one corner at front of table.. so if there's (example)aluminum at g54 g55 where ever on the table where i want my start point to be. the z will crash then go the the fixed spot and slowly move.( i think i said this right bare with me here) still new to the game
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