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How do I?? / Reversing D.C. Motor Direction
« Last post by raynerd on Today at 05:40:05 PM »
Evening, Iíve got a D.C. electric motor. Itís old, probably 30 years. Iím not totally familiar with motors but after some research, and a picture below, Iíll try and explain what I have inside. So when the rotor is out, Iíve got the magnets and what looks like a wound stator (googling has suggested that!) that is wrapped. These are two semi circles and a wire coming out of each. Two wires going to each of the brushes and one going to live and one to common.

I appreciate that I clearly havenít a clue what I am talking about I should be capable of editing the configuration if I know what I have to do. In an ideal world, Iíd add a switch to flip the rotation but Iím already getting ahead of myself.

Is there any way to change the direction of rotation?

Project Logs / Re: Building a New Lathe
« Last post by Homebrewer on Today at 05:28:53 PM »
I've got both you beat, fellows.  It's 106įF here in Texas with no rain or cool fronts in sight. 

It's times like this that I feel blessed to have an indoor job!

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Project Logs / Re: Building a New Lathe
« Last post by Neubert1975 on Today at 04:54:58 PM »
no need to be sorry.
we have brutal heat here too, and today i have spend all day out in it, fixing my moms car, damn it was hot.
we sure could use some rain too, everything outsite is drying out.

Project Logs / Re: my way to billd a stuart 10 horizontal engine
« Last post by krv3000 on Today at 04:37:11 PM »
hi Norman theirs this type  on eBay this is the number  162449306200
Project Logs / Re: my way to billd a stuart 10 horizontal engine
« Last post by Fergus OMore on Today at 04:22:08 PM »
Thanks Bob.

I was hoping to find the name of an epoxy which could be the medium to mix a substantial amount of bronze filings.

Actually they were stuff used by gilders and - to my knowledge- were at least in the family in 1938.Shame not to have some use for it.

Actually you saw some of it when you Kindly helped to assist me with a 'newer' lathe.

My formal thanks you and Peter!

Project Logs / Re: DIY tablet computer, maybe.
« Last post by S. Heslop on Today at 03:02:49 PM »
This is going a bit slow since i'm still waiting on stuff to be delivered. The cable came today though.

Got a few things soldered onto this tiny Tiny board, including the 3V voltage regulator. It's the first time i've actually soldered anything surface mount and it wen't just fine. Probably helps that it's still on the large side of surface mount!

I really hope I got the right wires in the right holes. The guy i'm following was lucky enough to have them colour coded. I went over them a few times and labelled them. I could perhaps test it on my desktop PC but it took so much to get the weird Chinese drivers that came with my current graphics tablet working that I'm not keen on risking anything that might break them. They still stop working when I open certain programs.

Here's the setup I used to record the soldering. All those weird extra adjustments on the legs finally came in useful. Check out all that "useful looking junk" in the shelves.
Project Logs / Re: my way to billd a stuart 10 horizontal engine
« Last post by krv3000 on Today at 02:47:36 PM »
hi all thanks for the comment's hi Norman the epoxy is devcon hi temp non ferrous industrial I have  had it sum time it stinks lol
As is the way with these things it's one step forward, one back !

Last night I was experimenting with MDI and tool changes. I selected tool 10 and the machine did it's thing rotating the tool turret. It pushes the tool disk forward, rotates to location, then moves it back - I assume that there is a Hirth index disk (*) which it then precisely locates on. I then told it to select tool 5 (where we had been before) - it completed most of the move but failed to finish, and the tool disk looks to be 4 mm too far forwards, as the coolant pipe no longer reaches the port on the rear of the tool disk by that amount.

As a slight consolation I did get the tailstock moving out and back under program control !

So major investigation into the Turret. I removed as many covers as I could and managed to gain access to the internal terminal box where the 'position sensor' leads terminate - these are proximity sensors running off 24 volts (which is there) but oddly all four proximity sensors are saying 'no detect' - I'd have thought one or two would be active.

While climbing all over the turret I had opportunity to examine the Turret Crash damage that I'd known it had suffered in the past. Seems to be just to the tin work, and a bit of tin-smithing should sort it out.

Likewise the swarf cover above the turret was somewhat rusty so got cleaned up.

All a bit of a set back - but these things happen - I suspect I'm going to have to get at the inside workings of the turret - just not sure how yet  :scratch:

(* Hirth Index disk looks like a flat bevel gear with teeth facing forward, and mates with another identical one in any of N discrete locations dependant on tooth count)
OK, I fibbed....

The first of the resin test prints have come in.  The printer still needs work as exposure isnít consistent and some areas are building thicker than others.  The support also failed on the trailing edge of the 2 blade prop.   Surface finish is greatly improved, itís now down to resin strength compared to PLA.  The resin used is castable, it can be burned out of a mould.

Increased the image resolution so you can see more of the surface detail.  This is DLP resin printing on a Wanhao D7
CNC / Re: DDCSV1.1 4 Axis controller
« Last post by lfriii on Today at 09:58:12 AM »

One other question; copied the update files from Benedikt's website to the jump drive that came with the control.  I have since decided not to upgrade the firmware on the control and would like to remove the files to another location and return the jump drive to its original configuration.  There are two folders on the drive, install and upgrade and two files, splash.ppm and on the drive that I did not save to it.  Do you know if these four items were on the drive when it arrived?  Or were these four items downloaded from Benedikt's site?
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