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The Water Cooler / Re: Experimenting with a pulse generator
« Last post by Doc on Today at 01:30:52 PM »
Well I have convinced myself that they will last a considerable time I've ran it on and off for about 6 or 7 hours and still seems to be the same. Longest non stop run was 45 minutes. So I went ahead and milled pockets in the motors base for the battery and pulse unit. I wired it to a power switch and added a LED power on light and a charging port for a USB power cord. I think it's going to work out alright for me.

The Water Cooler / Re: Building a Bridge
« Last post by awemawson on Today at 01:19:20 PM »
a bit slippery in the wet I'd assume Steve  :scratch:
One of the modules in the Sinumerik 820T controller that could conceivably be a cause of the angular positioning fault is the 'Measuring Card' - unlikely but possible. Now I have no issue with buying spare cards as shelf spares if the price is right,but these things have been fetching several hundred pounds on eBay, and some sellers asking  over 1K  :bugeye:

Imagine my surprise when one popped up for 12.95 'buy it now' (OK plus 16 postage) on German ebay carrying a 3 month warranty. It took microseconds for my finger to press the button. Now you tend to get what you pay for, but the seller has good feedback, has already given me feedback, and confirmed the order.

Now frankly it's very unlikely to be the fault, but well worth having 'on the shelf'  :ddb:

(anyway it's not corroded like mine - see the pictures, first mine then the one I've bought)
The Water Cooler / Re: Building a Bridge
« Last post by vtsteam on Today at 01:09:23 PM »
Thanks gents !  :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: -- just on lunch break from nailing today.

Quick answers to questions -- the bridge will be secured central to the beams with toe clips driven from below. I didn't want to drill through the flanges.

The ends will be secured for-n-aft by additional concrete blocks -- abutments -- in the true sense of the word. behind them will be gravel fill at road level.

The lumber is pressure treated (preservative) made from fast farm grown southern yellow pine species. Not like the old-growth southern yellow pine, which was heavy and very rot resistant on its own, but rare now.

The fast grown stuff depends on the preservative for outdoor use. It can be very wonky if allowed to dry out unsupported. It is always received sopping wet -- like green wood. So yes it's straight, as long as you don't leave it out in the sun for long! There are plenty of knots in it, and a fair amount of waney edges, which I turn downwards for the deck, as much as possible.

It's not a high class of lumber, here. But it is good for outdoor stuff.

I had thought about covering with asphalt roofing compound, but I haven't sen others do that on wooden deck bridges. Not sure if that would protect the wood, or trap moisture into it. Undecided, at this point. Likely I would delay that anyway, until the pressure treated wood is more dried out.
Project Logs / Re: Taper attachment build
« Last post by ddmckee54 on Today at 12:46:03 PM »

I don't see how the slicing software can get a part height that will be consistently accurate.  It's going to get really close, but I don't see how the part height couldn't help but vary by up to +/- one half the layer thickness.  I guess it would depend on the slicing software you're using.  I have a Prusa I3 clone so I'm using Slic3r that's been optimized for the Prusa machines, I don't print enough to be able to justify shelling out a couple of hundred bucks for slicing software. 

Project Logs / Re: DIY tablet computer, maybe.
« Last post by Will_D on Today at 08:39:47 AM »
There's a new radio station thats some combination hospital and student radio, but I think they might be breaking the law since they're playing Good Music.

I highly recomend Radio Nova in Dublin - plays our sort of music! Any station that plays Thunderclap Newman and the Doors has to be #1

The Water Cooler / Re: Building a Bridge
« Last post by Spurry on Today at 04:31:41 AM »
A very impressive quantity of straight-looking lumber to hand nail. Do you just depend on the bulk to keep it central to the steel or is it/ will it be secured in any way?
I doubt there is that much straight wood in the UK, certainly not in any of the woodyards I've visited anyway.
The Water Cooler / Re: Building a Bridge
« Last post by John Rudd on Today at 03:12:29 AM »
A very ambitious project you've taken in there....  :bow:
The Water Cooler / Re: Building a Bridge
« Last post by RotarySMP on Today at 02:08:13 AM »
Coming along well.
Will you then cover the wood with Tar or something?
The Water Cooler / Re: Building a Bridge
« Last post by PK on Today at 01:39:01 AM »
Looks like you nailed it!

That's a serious slab of lumber....
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