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Project Logs / Re: Power feed for Centec2
« Last post by efrench on Today at 01:39:57 PM »
Using a stepper motor instead of a plain dc motor would allow you to move the head a specific distance.
Project Logs / Re: Mini mill Stand SX2 Plus
« Last post by Buell on Today at 10:43:45 AM »
So continuing on the theme of self education, and boring the pants off you, segment 1 translates as follows:

Segment 1
:L KH 0202        Load Hexadecimal 0202 into Accumulator 1-L
:T FW 121           Transfer contents of Accumulator 1-L into Flag Word 121 bits 8-15 to byte n, bits 0-7 to byte n+1
:L KH 0020        Load Hexadecimal 0020 into Accumulator 1-L
:T FW 119           Transfer contents of Accumulator 1-L into Flag Word 119 bits 8-15 to byte n, bits 0-7 to byte n+1

Which can only be represented as a statement list, as flowchart or ladder are not appropriate
Project Logs / Re: Mini mill Stand SX2 Plus
« Last post by Buell on Today at 09:27:21 AM »
System doesn't allow too many pics in 1 Go sorry
Thanks Pekka, not come across FUB but I do know LOTS about FUD or Fear Uncertainty and Doubt  :clap:

I can display the PLC program as CSF, LAD or STL

CSF - Control System Flowchart

LAD - Ladder

STL - Statement List

But I suppose not all constructions are possible to display in some formats hence interspersed statement lists. Here is an example of SEG-2 in all three formats

Incidentally that I4.4 is eSTOP, I7.7 is 24 volts OK, Q 7.0 is a spare output, but I have as yet no idea what F 24.3 is except that it's an internal flag bit, or what Q78.1 is, again it's an internally used output from the range it sits in.

Perhaps I should explain I's are inputs F's are flags (temporary one bit memory) and Q's are outputs.  So Q 1.2 is output word 1 bit 2 for instance which would be 'select low gear on this lathe.

( all this is me trying to familiarise myself with what I'm working with - sorry if I'm boring you all  :scratch: )
Project Logs / Re: Mini mill Stand SX2 Plus
« Last post by Buell on Today at 09:14:00 AM »
Ok so the post man just came Looks like the lead screw i ordered of Flea turned up ....wouldn't mind but it came all the way from the East to have a Man from the west in a Red uniform jam it thru the PostBox ...Lets hope its not bent out of shape !

Anyway my idea was Firstly to make a stronger and longer lead screw with larger diameter hand wheel and a way of fixing on the left end of the bed to a stepper motor to enable powerfeed. I can see this just going down the Cnc route but Not at the moment.

Concerns at the moment are...

1. New Lead-screw is stainless machining it !
2. End float Backlash etc. At the mo the old lead has a Nasty beginning to it which is not great ! See photos
3. My abilities to do this !! Rome wasn't built in a day...Well I wasn't on that Job anyway !

Thoughts before I turn something on are...

Machining well that will have to be slowly done and hopefully somewhat carefully. I have a very small lathe with carbide.
End float etc..well Im going to put a Dro set of scales when they turn up from East..Hopefully a different man from the west will NOT put them in my Post box ! so no really worry about the backlash, however when i crank with a drill attached to the lead at the mo on change of direction theres a massive amount of slack in the lead-screw to the drill. My guess is that is not so apparent when you have the dial and crank handle on. But begs the question of do I need to worry about this ? If i did have to then bearings at both end of the shaft would deal with that  angular contact type ..with a mounting point on the left holding the leadscrew before the stepper thus supporting the screw and keeping it perfectly balanced and centred and no end float ...But god that seems very complicated. Please guys say thats Crazy your not building an Aircraft engine !

My abilities Umm they are in Question but You can only do your best with what you were given..I don't mind failing whilst learning. If it were easy everyone would be doing it right.

Any advice help tips Patreon, donations, Youtube, endorsements, Brand Promotion, adds,Banners, etc etc welcome !

All else fails just 3d Print it !!
That does not look too bad...Only it is ladder and I am more used to FUP. Some statement lists the but I did not spot any assembler.

If I remember right in S5 lingo S-R has reser overriding and R-S has set overriding. Modicon and Telemeganique had it it opposite - or A-B! Anyway, I had to check every time I changed my "language".

S5 has interesting timers, to convert S5 to Modicon had to make some extra logic to accommondate some of the timers used in S5, but not suported in Modicon.

First you need to check the offending outputs on harware, crossreference where outputs are set (only once in the program or someone has ****** up) and there you find the segmet it is set. Backtrack from there.

Commenting few segments and most inputs/outputs is a half a battle, figuring out the flags (typically exceptions like E-stop, Low hydraulic pressure, alarms, permits or states like "run" or "pause" or "jog" takes a little more tennacity.

But you are the man!
How do I?? / Re: Stepper Motor size x Axis X2Pus ?
« Last post by Buell on Today at 07:54:54 AM »
This is a Minefield ! You say 18Ncm...sounds like some more math for me ! Nm and now Ncm god when will this end 1! im guessing its the size down from the 3nm version will check.... ahh 6mm shaft umm was hoping a little bigger.. more stuff more me to get wrong ..
Postman just left me a New leadscrew so Im guessing I better get a Plan together !

Will maybe post some kind of Log maybe others will be interested In my lack of engineering skills and electronics !!

Thanks for the info
How do I?? / Re: Stepper Motor size x Axis X2Pus ?
« Last post by John Rudd on Today at 07:07:34 AM »
I was going to build a stepper rotab. I bought the motor from Arceurotrade, a 180ncm nema 23 sized one which happened to be the same as the one attached to the stepper rotab they used to sell..So if it was man enough for that it should do for a powered leadscrew...Btw, the stepper had a 6mm shaft

As for coupling to the lh end of the X axis leadscrew, I've seen/heard of folk drilling the leadscrew to take a 6mm dia shaft inserted into the end and use an Oldam coupling to the stepper...

Hth  :dremel:
Thanks for the encouragement Mory  :clap:

I have, though, started the cross referencing - just a few labels at first to see how and where they appear. When inserted they are displayed on the screen in a tasteful yellow when you click on an input or output, but not in printed versions. I'm sure that it must be possible to get them on the print out, but I've yet to find how other than editing the .PDF (which I don't want to do as within STEP5 the label pop up in all sorts of different screens).

. . . so much to learn . . .so much fun . . .so many Aspirins  :lol:
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