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New from Old / Repurposing mill power feed
« Last post by Markfd on June 18, 2018, 12:59:06 PM »
Hi everyone. I recently sold my Alpine minor mill ( clone of RF25 etc) which I had owned for 25 years & bought a Chester 626 mill. I had retained an Align power feed which was bought from Axminster tools as it was nearly new & 240 volt. This clamps horizontally on the left hand side of the table unlike the 626 which hangs vertically on the right hand side. I saw no reason in principle why my unit couldn’t go on the left hand side horizontally, saving me several hundred pounds. The only problems were that the original clamping bolts were too far apart for the 626 table, necessitating an adaptor plate made out of 10mm alloy, countersunk for longer hex bolts & tapped 8mm for bolting to the power unit. A second problem was the differing diameters of the leadscrews, 17mm for the old mill & .625” on the 626. This was simply solved by making a bush & pressing into the gear. I could have bored out the gear & turned a larger bush, but I wanted to keep it standard. The grub screw already in the gear fitted into the keyway providing a weak point in case of any table jams.
The power feed now works perfectly, & apart from increasing the length of the table, appears to be just as good as the vertical unit.
I see that there are other units for sale on eBay cheaper than the Align units, but they are still 110v requiring a transformer.
New from Old / Re: The Sequel - Oh Blimey I bought a CNC Lathe (Beaver TC 20)
« Last post by awemawson on June 18, 2018, 07:17:47 AM »
Pete that is an extremely kind offer, but these are very high capacity units. The cylindrical one is 8 ampere hours with a 10 year life expectancy so I don't think 1/2 AA would cut it in this instance.

I am going eventually to re-mount the batteries in a more accessible place, but will use the same type as original, and probably install capacitors across the leads where the batteries currently are to guard against stray pick up of noise.
New from Old / Re: The Sequel - Oh Blimey I bought a CNC Lathe (Beaver TC 20)
« Last post by Pete W. on June 18, 2018, 05:48:39 AM »

I've just been catching up on this thread, reading back to page 2 where you write about battery leaks.  I have some battery holders for ½ AA size lithium batteries (as used on old Mac computers).  I also have a few of the batteries as well (unused but they've been on the shelf for a few years).  If they'd be any help to you I happily put some in the Post.
CNC / Re: DDCSV Support Forum
« Last post by Will_D on June 18, 2018, 05:21:49 AM »
Happy days
Composites & Plastics / Re: Glass fibre mould from the slender plug
« Last post by PekkaNF on June 18, 2018, 04:15:59 AM »
All went pretty ok, but:

1: I don't use gelcoat to keep the whole thing translucent, therefore back of blade side corner was not crisp. probably have to laminate veil and think of using a perforated separation film and pressurepad or slight pressure or vacuum on it.

2: Turns out that two layers of 160 g/m2 twill is thinner than I anticipated. Anyway, glued them together on the mould to see if can be done and keeps straight.

The release wax and PVA works, it even gives an early went to other end of the extreme...look and learn I guess. Maybe just a dab of film on the nearly vertical feature of the mould (back of the blade).

Think that I'm going to put just a little mictoballoon or silica thickened resin at the very back of the blade section before veil, to keep it in shape, also very tempted to add some of that micture at the very blade edge to give more surface for gluing it. Might even need to make it two steps.

I got pictures, but they are boring and they donät actually show much....paper thin one meter katana type blade at this point.

New from Old / Re: The Sequel - Oh Blimey I bought a CNC Lathe (Beaver TC 20)
« Last post by PekkaNF on June 17, 2018, 05:33:31 PM »
Those PSU external contacts are normally routed to big red light on the control cabinet and to maintanance system to tell maintenace dude to change the filters..or check esternal cooling air system. Think that overheating and some other stuff trips them. There were more signals on the bus. But that was in S5 industrial PLC, just earlier noticed that much of hardware and numbers looks pretty much the same I was used to see - long time ago.

New from Old / Re: The Sequel - Oh Blimey I bought a CNC Lathe (Beaver TC 20)
« Last post by awemawson on June 17, 2018, 04:39:01 PM »

There is a  pair of external terminals on the PSU labelled "Power Supply OK" - they are not connected, but of course may also be routed internally to the backboard of the logic crate. They seem to be a N/O relay contact that closes a second or two after the PSU is powered up. Certainly they change state when the 'Reset' button on the PSU is pressed then revert to the closed state after a second.

Of course I have no idea whether relay open or closed is the good state, but as with no mains they are 'open', the likelihood is that 'closed' is 'OK'
New from Old / Re: The Sequel - Oh Blimey I bought a CNC Lathe (Beaver TC 20)
« Last post by PekkaNF on June 17, 2018, 02:30:29 PM »
I wanted to prove the PSU was OK but only the +5 volt output had test points. I was fairly sure that it also was supposed to put out +15 v and -15 v.  Pulling the PSU apart it's only output connector is a three row  96 pin Eurocard type. I was surprised to find that mains for the 240 volt rack fans is routed via this connector. Inside I found a pair of 15 volt regulators confirming my suspicion, and also a Ferranti Uncommitted Logic Array - in a PSU for goodness sake WHY ?

If my memory serves right S5 135/150 series simens PLC rack had somewhat similar looking PSU module. I once had trouble with it. I was chasing non responsive CPU-card, when in fact the problem was "power good" sort of signal from PSU module. There were some handshake signals with busscontroller card/cpu/psu, it was not clear without consulting the technical manual, which we luckily had. If I remember right cpu had enough power to do post startup check and then fiqure out not to talk to bus, because status from PSU was not correct. It was all pretty odd to have some "logic" on the PSU, you might think that it just posts "power good" and that's it.

Not sure if this is relevant, but that was my personal encounter.

Project Logs / Re: Building a New Lathe
« Last post by vtsteam on June 17, 2018, 01:24:42 PM »
And here's he finished bore gauge. The slot allows me to drop it down over the boring arbor and test the bore without taking apart my setup. I was a little apprehensive putting a slot in the gauge, in case there were internal tensions that would change the OD's, but measuring after slotting (and letting the gauge cool) showed the diameters were still spot on.

So I stamped both sides of the gauge with their dimensions, and we're ready to continue boring the journals.

Project Logs / Re: Building a New Lathe
« Last post by vtsteam on June 17, 2018, 01:20:49 PM »
Then I sawed a slot close to the finished diameter on my bandsaw. I probably could have left it there, but decided to clean up the slot on the mill:

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