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Introductions / Re: Presentation
« Last post by awemawson on January 20, 2019, 12:18:28 PM »
Welcome aboard Unkas  :thumbup:

Tell us all about what you are up to and your workshop - pictures are good (800 x 600 please)

Introductions / Presentation
« Last post by Unkas on January 20, 2019, 12:13:40 PM »
Hello everyone, I have made a cnc with a DDCSV1.1 and updated it to Pandora 2018. I am enrolled in this forum so I can learn and get the most out of my cnc.
Regards    :D
New from Old / Re: Racal RA17 re-born : A trip down Memory Lane
« Last post by Pete W. on January 20, 2019, 09:58:25 AM »
I remember the RA17 but by reputation only, it was an equipment to lust after.  I started with an R1155 and later acquired a Hallicrafters 'Sky Rider Defiant', I think it was labelled 'SX24'.  Octal-based valves ('toobes') and about the same age as me but it worked well!!  Many years later, I met a Radio Amateur who lived in Wiltshire and had every model of Hallicrafters communications receiver!  I didn't visit him for that reason - I sold him a Specto cine projector to complete his other collection!!!  It was a Specto 'Analytic', 16 mm and capable of 16 fps, 2 fps or stop!!

The main relic I have from my Amateur Radio days is a Trio (aka 'Kenwood' ) R1000 receiver.  It has developed a fault in storage - I don't have time to repair it myself and haven't yet found anyone else I'd trust with the job!!

At one stage in my career, I used to make occasional visits to the 'Admiralty Surface Weapons Establishment'.  The people I visited there were very clever - funny how it's the really clever ones who are usually the ones who are generously helpful.  This was before the Scientific Civil Service was privatised.  There was a dedicated turn right lane in the road outside the establshment's main gate.  The letters 'ASWE' were painted on the road surface of that lane to indicate its purpose.

That road inscription was updated when the establishment was renamed 'Admiralty Radar & Signals Establishment'.
I believe those letters actually lasted two or three days!   :D   :D   :D   :D   :D   :D 
New from Old / Re: Racal RA17 re-born : A trip down Memory Lane
« Last post by PekkaNF on January 20, 2019, 08:22:05 AM »
Here you pay extra fees on "Fragile" and "this side up" etc. and they mark them.

If I mark something similar and don't pay, they will probably play elephant poolo with forklifts with it. Good packing and ruggerizing is good, but I like to hide that inside the carboard box that has some "crumple zone", because if it looks too sturdy, it will end up under everything and with my luck someone will palce a pallet full of anchors or anvils atop of it.

New from Old / Re: Racal RA17 re-born : A trip down Memory Lane
« Last post by awemawson on January 20, 2019, 08:05:44 AM »
Thanks Pekka, yes the foam sheet is already to hand  :thumbup:

I always have a slight hesitation marking things as fragile etc suspecting that some oafs use it as an invitation to bounce things !

Hopefully this 'outward' journey is less critical than the 'return' when it's all been set up properly.

I've just been reading the maintenance manual, and although I've done this sort of thing before when I had the right kit, I'm glad I decided to outsource it  :clap:
Too large to upload but it's here:
New from Old / Re: Racal RA17 re-born : A trip down Memory Lane
« Last post by PekkaNF on January 20, 2019, 07:53:05 AM »
May I suggest soft building styrofoam sheet between boxes or inside the first box. Bubblewrap work very well on lightweight objects, but not so well with heavy pointed behemont.

Once I needed to ship a designer glass picher to Denmark, I build a cradle out of styroxfoam with hot wire cutter and glued some ply wood stringers tactically to keep the whole thing together and designed it to be easy to unstall with few wood screws wrapped over red tape and note to say "remove screws under red tape". It was greatly appreciated: I got the message that before reading the note big tools were carried to table:)

I don't know how much extra it cost there to send it "Fragile, this side up and no gargo atop of it". Recommed screwing the device on slightly larger subframe/pallet, that will protect it from shifting.

Tilt and schok indicators are not that expensive and seem to put some extra care in parcel handling.
The Design Shop / Re: DRO for Warco Major mill
« Last post by PekkaNF on January 20, 2019, 06:42:28 AM »
Forgot to put few earlier pics on cast iron flats for mounting. 16 mm indexed mill, M6 threads and 3 mm spacer washers to raise the bracket off the rough cast surface.

There should a alrge mill in the darkest corner that is big enough to mount all parts of the other machines for modifications.... :scratch:

Tested the Y-axis, works fine and tape/head is in correct relation (both pulse count A/B, ref and direction).

New from Old / Re: Racal RA17 re-born : A trip down Memory Lane
« Last post by awemawson on January 20, 2019, 05:51:08 AM »
A bit more progress: I've managed to lug the beast out of it's eaves storage, down the stairs, into a wheel barrow, across the farm yard and into the workshop. Poor thing looked so forlorn sitting in a wheel barrow  :(

I've also 'discovered' a nice ready made pallet complete with pallet sleeve and lid. To reduce the weight from 97 lbs to 67 lbs I've removed it from the table top case. This also has the effect of increasing the amount  of packing I can fit between it and the pallet case.

At Pete's suggestion I've ordered a huge roll of bubble wrap. It will be swathed in the stuff as an independent parcel, then strapped down to the floor of the case before final stuffing when the sleeve is installed.

A bonus when I removed it from the case, was to find two copies of the manual tucked down the side of the RA17 - I do vaguely remember hunting around and sourcing them all those years ago.

Attached to the internal racking of the case was a label dated  29/1/65 showing it had been inspected at the Admiralty Surface Weapons Establishment further confirming it's nautical history.

One of the issues with these sets was the moving coil meter that was fitted. Made by Ernest Turner, the very fine wire of the coil was originally varnished with a varnish that over a long period became corrosive and dissolved the coil - testing mine it seems to work, so that's one hurdle over come  :thumbup:

Thumb twiddling time now until the Bubble Wrap arrives
The Design Shop / Re: DRO for Warco Major mill
« Last post by awemawson on January 20, 2019, 05:30:47 AM »
These are the axis designations on my Beaver Mill (Fixed table moving quill) and my Beaver Lathe (Moving Turret) if it helps:
The Design Shop / Re: DRO for Warco Major mill
« Last post by Will_D on January 20, 2019, 04:45:34 AM »
You can configure each axis to read either positive or negative for a given movement.
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