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Title: Bottleneck cleaning and lubing brush
Post by: PTsideshow on October 20, 2014, 08:44:41 AM
If you load bottleneck cases this may be a helpful quick build tool
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At the local used /surplus tool store they have these cheap plastic file handles. they work well for that with a dab of adhesive on the tang. Since the hole seems to enlarge with use.
I needed a handle for the cleaning and mica lubing brush, the brush is a cleaning brush sized to fit the opening. 5.56mm/.223 casing so a .22 brush works fine.
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Here it is in use the powdered mica is used as a dry lube foe the expander ball in the die for resizing the casing :clap:
The mica is called motor mica and if you need a dry lube that isn't as messy as graphite this may work for you. It is available from ( or amazon